Cinematic Film - The Next Great Thing in High School Senior Photography

I have always photographed people to try and tell a story, to convey true emotion, and to have photos freeze time. Ironically, I never used video with my kids. I'd watch people with camcorders and think, "they're missing the moment because they're not living it." There's a part of me that's sad now that I never got more than a brief snippet of video of my children when they were tiny. Enter the new world of cinematic film - the latest craze for a few elite senior photographers who have learned this skill, and of which I'm lucky to be one and to have learned from the best (thank you Anne Moshier McCabe.) I didn't expect to fall in love with this medium, but it does something to the viewer that photos (even really good and engaging ones) can't. I've barely gotten started, but I'm truly smitten. I'll be experimenting a lot this year to find my voice. Thanks to my clients who put up with some of my crazy ideas and go with the flow just to add some fun!

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