The First Year of College - Guest Post from former Senior Model Jenna Rosciszewski

I am surrounded by the hustle of grad parties, and watching the class of 2017 start to pack their bags and spread their wings makes me nostalgic for my college days. Sigh, it's been a while since I was a new High School graduate, so I asked one of my former senior models to send me some reflections about her first year of college. Not only is she a sweet, lovely girl and a complete joy to be around, she's also wise beyond her years. See what Jenna has to say when reflecting on her first year away at college! Thank you for your great advice, Jenna! Good luck Class of 2017, you're going to be amazing!

Senior Portraits

From Jenna:

This school year flew by so fast, it’s hard to believe that I already have one year of college under my belt! It feels like just yesterday I was getting my senior pictures taken. I had an amazing first year – I was in a musical, became a campus tour guide, got hired as an RA, and of course made tons of new friends! My first year of college has taught me more than I ever imagined it would, and I hope I can share some of what I learned with others, especially high school seniors who are getting ready to head off to college!

One thing I wish I knew going into school is that the friends you make the first week of school might not end up being your best friends – and that’s okay! Everyone is nervous (whether they show it or not) and it’s easy to cling to the first group of people you meet. After a few months, though, you might grow apart and meet new friends that you have more in common with. If you and your first friends grow distant, there's no need for hard feelings - they will always be friendly faces on campus!

The hardest part about college for me was learning time management. It’s so easy to come back after a long day of classes and watch Netflix until you fall asleep, but you’ll end up kicking yourself for it later when you’ve got 3 tests and 2 papers due in one week and you wasted all your opportunities to get a head start on them by binge-watching Parks and Recreation.

On a more positive note, the best part about college for me was joining the theatre program. I found a group of amazing friends who all have a common passion for theatre! Joining clubs and organizations that interest you is so important – they’re a great way to spend your free time and you’ll probably find some of your best friends there!

One last piece of advice I like to give is about majors. I know there’s a lot of pressure on high school seniors to know what they want to major in and what they want to do with it, but it’s totally okay if you don’t know! I switched my major twice before I finally realized what I really wanted to do.

Getting ready to go to college can be equal parts exciting and terrifying, but I promise that once you get settled, you’re going to love it!

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